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Are you looking for Winter check for your vehicle?


Preparation is half the battle:

With a detailed vehicle check, at Phillips Tyres Creditline every car can be well prepared for the cold season.

Winter check

In winter, the heating and spotlights are used more than during the warmer seasons, and the electricity storage unit works less efficiently in cold weather. The voltage of the car battery should always be above about 12.6 V. So have the voltage of your car battery checked regularly and have it maintained and cleaned at the same time. Damp dirt can also discharge your car battery.

Our experts at Phillips Tyres Creditline are happy to do it for you.

Brake check

As part of our car winter check Oxford we have a good look at the brake pads, brake discs and brake fluid of your car to ensure proper functionality. Only those who have their brakes checked regularly will be safe on the road in the long term.

Checking the lighting system

The thorough check of your complete lighting system is also part of our Phillips Tyres Creditline winter check Oxford.

With incorrectly adjusted headlights, not only can your vision be impaired, but you can also endanger other road users with too much light intensity.

We check the function of your headlamp systems and adjust them perfectly!

Window cleaner antifreeze

Winter cleaning solution in winter and summer cleaning solution in the warmer seasons. Often the windscreen wiper system is neglected, which in the worst case can lead to "blind flying" in winter. So we check- and top-up the appropriate washer fluid and check your wiper blades for proper function.

If your wiper blades show streaks or other damage, we will, of course, replace them for you.

We will certainly make sure the coolant contains the right amount of the correct antifreeze; otherwise, the engine can quickly suffer expensive damage.

Would you like to buy new winter tyres?

No problem. Here at Phillips Tyres Creditline you can find a wide selection of winter tyres from many different manufacturers.

Are you worried about your finances?

Please don't let this concern jeopardise your safety.

We know how hard these times are, so we are doing our best to help our customers. Apart from reducing the prices of some of our services and products we now also offer a special Phillips Tyres Creditline payment plan. This means - you can now buy tyres or other products and also book any of our services and pay in monthly instalments.

12 months interest-free!

You can find more information here on our website. If you have any additional questions, please get in touch with us.

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