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Tyre valves - do not forget to replace them regularly.

The tyre valve is an element that we rarely pay attention to. And yet it is crucial for ensuring the required pressure in the tyres. It has an influence on both safety and economy.

The Schrader valve - what exactly is it?

The Schrader-Valve, used on most car rims and is often referred to as the American valve. 

This valve consists of 3 pieces:

    • a housing made of metal or rubber
    • a metal-tube with internal thread
    • a protective cap to repel impurities

    Its main task is to ensure that the tyre pressure remains unchanged. This allows the tyre to be inflated and deflated easily without changing its structure.

    A damaged valve will most likely cause significant problems.

    When driving, the wheels of the car are exposed to different forces. Turning, braking, dynamic acceleration etc. contribute to the rubber deforming to regain its previous shape shortly afterwards.

    The valve is also subjected to similar pressure and can quickly bend up to around 30° in some cases. If this is repeated, the valve's structure can be damaged, causing the tyre to leak. Even with slight deformation of the valve, a tyre can lose between 0.2 bar and 0.7 bar of air per week.

    If the pressure in the tyre is not correct, this can lead to its damage while driving.

    Too little tyre pressure can lead to numerous problems. 

    The braking distance considerably increases under wet conditions to up to 20 percent. There is a significant risk of losing control over the vehicle or damaging the integrity of the construction. 

    Too little pressure in the tyres also contributes to accelerated wear of the tyres themselves, as well as the suspension and braking system.

    When should the valves in the tyres be changed to be on the safe side?

    The best time to change the valves is when the tyres are changed seasonally or when new tyres are fitted.

    There are different valve models available on the market. The very durable ones are metal valves which are reinforced, which do not need to be replaced more often than every two seasons; rubber valves should instead be replaced about every 6 months. A habit that also increases safety while driving.

    Hidden car valves. Is this investment worthwhile?

    These valves are becoming increasingly popular with drivers. They are particularly popular with owners of aluminium rims.

    They are shorter tubes of wide construction, which do not go beyond the rim protection strip. They are mounted with a special pipe. They cost a bit more and also a bit more challenging to replace, but apart from the aesthetic advantages, they also offer better protection against tearing or damage.

    The protective cap for the valves should not be underestimated!

    The valve protection caps have a significant influence on the driving parameters and vehicle safety than one might think. When driving, mud, dirt, and other impurities from the roads get into the valve and stick to its walls. As soon as compressed air is pumped into the tyre, these particles are also forced into the tyre, which get stuck in the valves and eventually make them leak. This can lead to a rapid loss of pressure in the tyre.

    The protective caps are the optimal solution to this problem. They prevent dust or dirt from entering and prevent the system from being contaminated.

    The best tyre valves Replacement Oxford Services - Phillips Tyres Creditline

    Regular replacement of valves is a big step towards safe driving.

    It is very important to check the pressure in the tyres. This contributes above all to increased safety and lower travel costs. The wrong tyre pressure, on the other hand, can be dangerous.

    Regular replacement of the valves reduces the risk of a pressure drop. It does not take long to change them, and the costs are low.

    Here at Phillips Tyres Creditline, we only use the best quality valves to ensure optimal safety.

    You don't need an appointment to get your tyre's valves changed. Just come to our workshop in Oxford, and one of our friendly technicians will do it for you quickly.

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