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In the past, used or retreaded tyres were the only option if you couldn't afford expensive tyres of well-known manufacturers. Nowadays the tyre market is flooded by cheap brands from Asia.

The question is, are these so-called "Chinese tyres" the best choice for those looking for a cheap alternative to top-rated, famous brands?

What about the price-performance ratio?

Churchill Tyres are a fair offer for drivers who are looking for decent driving characteristics and want to buy tyres at a very reasonable price. The manufacturer of Churchill Tyres uses all the modern production technologies. As a result, the tyres can be made from high quality materials, which are characterised by good performance. Driving with cheap Churchill Tyres Oxford is safe, and the tyres are long-lasting. Please take a look at the range of Churchill Tyres Oxford we offer.

You can conveniently buy them via our website and book a convenient fitting appointment as well.

Even though Churchill Tyres Oxford belong to the budget section of our tyre range, there are still lots of people out there who are not sure whether to buy new, cheap tyres Oxford as their income is low and the future is unpredictable.

We know how hard these times are. We are therefore offering our new Phillips Tyres Creditline payment option - Buy the tyres of your choice (cheap or branded), book a service or repairs now and pay in instalments - 12 months interest-free.

Interested? Please have a closer look at our website for more information. You can certainly also call us or come to see us at our workshop. Our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

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