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Have your car's chassis, shock absorbers and suspension checked or repaired - Phillips Tyres Creditline Oxford.

Whether shock absorbers or suspension springs: you can usually recognise a defect in your suspension by a steering system that no longer functions properly and by pounding or rattling noises as soon as you drive over uneven roads.

You should take these symptoms seriously and visit your reliable and experienced Phillips Tyres Creditline workshop in Oxford to have your defective shock absorbers with suspension spring checked/replaced. Because just like your brakes or your steering, your shock absorbers (and the associated suspension spring) belong to the most critical, safety-relevant components of your vehicle. Without a functioning shock absorber or, in principle, a functional chassis, driving your car would therefore be virtually impossible.

In the following article, you will learn everything worth knowing about the suspension, shock absorbers (and suspension springs) as well as about the suspension in general.

How your shock absorber (and suspension spring) works on your chassis

The name shock absorber in connection with the chassis spring may suggest that this absorbs shocks, but a shock absorber (in combination with the chassis spring) primarily prevents vibrations that are transmitted via the spring from the chassis.

Here it is important to differentiate between hydraulic and pneumatic shock absorbers. However, both variants are very similar in terms of their functional principle and consist of a piston inside which, under the effect of tension or pressure, forces a hydraulic fluid or a corresponding gas through the valves.

This principle of operation converts the vibration energy generated by your shock absorber into heat energy. As an additional component in your chassis, the suspension spring ultimately compensates for any unevenness on the road you drive on. Another function of the springs in your chassis is to ensure that your wheels always have contact with the ground.

What wear and tear your shock absorbers and suspension springs are subjected to on your chassis

Due to the conversion of vibration and thermal energy, your shock absorbers, in particular, are subject to continuous wear and tear and are therefore considered a typical wearing part of your vehicle. First and foremost, you can tell this from the fact that the dust boot of your shock absorber becomes porous at first and then damaged. Once this has happened, moisture and dust will get to your shock absorber unhindered, and in the worst-case scenario will cause your shock absorber to rust. This then causes the typical squeaking of your defective shock absorber. Especially then you will have to replace your shock absorbers completely, and you should invest these costs in your vehicle.

But even a suspension spring (or short spring) can sooner or later fail during its service life. Rust is often the worst enemy of a spring, which is why chassis springs more or less corrode and become brittle. The situation around your suspension spring is serious, especially if it breaks - in this case, a change of your suspension spring is usually unavoidable.

The exact cost of suspension repairs/changing of shock absorbers mostly depends on the vehicle type and brand. Our Phillips Tyres Creditline team will always carry out a thorough inspection and give you an accurate estimate of the costs of a car suspension repair Oxford before we start working on your vehicle.

Unfortunately, suspension issues need to be sorted immediately and cannot be delayed!

A defect suspension system can cause a high accident risk, and your vehicle will also not pass its next MOT test.

So it would be best if you visited your Phillips Tyres Creditline suspension repair Oxford workshop immediately. Our mechanics will repair and change your shock absorbers or suspension springs quickly and competently and make sure that the costs for the change remain manageable.

Are you worried about the payment?

We know first hand how difficult these times are.

We at Phillips Tyres Creditline are doing our best to make our customer's lives a bit easier. Not only have we reduced some of our prices, but we now offer an exceptional payment service as well.

You can now get all the necessary work done, buy tyres or book services and pay us in monthly instalments (12 months interest-free)

If you have any further questions about our prices, services and payment options, our friendly and motivated team is, of course, available to you at any time by phone or on-site. No matter if it is about the inexpensive repair of your shock absorbers or chassis springs - we at Phillips Tyres Creditline suspension repairs Oxford are your specialist for repair and change and are looking forward to your visit at our place!

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