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Are you looking for Summer check for your vehicle?


What exactly is a summer car check?

In general, people often don't use the term summer car check, but instead, say "a holiday check".

Such a check can be very beneficial. But it is not only right to get your car ready for the summer if you are going on holiday.

Apart from the right tyres and checking the brakes, the coolant level is also an important detail to get the car through the summer without any issues.


Summer check for the car

When is the right time for the summer check?

The ideal time is just before your summer holidays if you are planning a trip by car.

What needs to be checked during the Summer Check?

The tyres are particularly important (tread depth, wear, tyre pressure, etc.)

Do I have to do the summer check myself?

No. The summer check is far from being as extensive as the car's interim's or full-service, for example. Nevertheless, you should always use the services of a garage.

Well through the summer: These steps are important

Such a check is particularly advisable if this has not been done for spring or if it is a second car that is only driven in summer. This may include vintage cars or convertibles that have spent the winter in a garage and now need to be made fit for traffic on summer roads.

Before the summer really starts or the journey begins, you should make sure that your cars are well equipped. An inspection such as the Phillips Tyres Creditline car summer check Oxford will help you to avoid high follow-up costs due to a failure to service your car.

During a summer check Oxford, we have a thorough look at your vehicle's oil level, coolant and other liquids, the tyres, bodywork, windscreen wipers and battery.


  • Fit suitable summer tyres
  • Check tyres (tread depth, wear, age and pressure)
  • Testing brakes and lighting
  • Check the oil level, coolant, brake fluid and wiper fluids.
  • Test contacts and battery charging
  • Inspect body for rust and other damage, e.g. in the paintwork
  • Check canopy for holes, cracks and dirt and impregnate if necessary.
  • Replacing windscreen wiper rubbers
  • Change pollen filter

These are the main points. If you have any particular wishes, please let us know, and we will carry out additional checks.

Worried about the costs?

Please don't be afraid. We at

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