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All-terrain vehicles, SUV, UTV and ATV, are mostly equipped with off-road tyres. These special car tyres have a coarse tread, which is an advantage for off-road driving. The tread can be optimised for unpaved roads, but also difficult terrain. The selection of the right tyres makes a decisive contribution to increasing driving safety. Equally important are the sustainable aspects. Find out from us what you should pay attention to when buying off-road tyres.

Buying off-road tyres Oxford - knowing the differences

When you buy off-road tyres, you have to consider what percentage of your driving is on asphalt roads and what percentage is off-road. Manufacturers optimise their products to a specific ratio, for example, Street-Terrain (ST) - the proportion of road use is high here, but the off-road capability is low. The indication All-Terrain (AT) indicates a balanced mixture between driving on asphalt roads and off-road driving. Tyres marked Mud-Terrain (MT) are suitable for vehicles that are mainly used off-road. Anyone who wants to go over stones and rocks and through mud will benefit from this high-performance tyre.

The importance of the EU tyre label for 4x4 tyres

When motorists buy professional off-road tyres Oxford, the information in the form of the EU label is important. For typical 4x4 tyres in the off-road sector, which are suitable for both road and off-road use, customers are given extensive information about the product in advance. Off-road tyres for SUVs have improved road grip compared to small car tyres, which is reflected in increased fuel consumption. The fuel efficiency is usually lower, but the grip is better. The classification in the EU tyre label is as follows:

Fuel efficiency:

The classification is from A to G, where A indicates low fuel consumption.

Wet grip: Class A indicates a short braking distance; class G produces the longest braking distance.

Noise emission: The external noise emission is expressed in decibels (dB). A typical value is 75 dB. In general, off-road tyres develop a higher noise level than passenger car tyres.

Where should I buy off-road tyres Oxford?

The answer is easy - Phillips Tyres Creditline.

When choosing the right 4x4 tyres, size is the first important factor. You can find all the necessary information in the vehicle documents, for example, the specification 305/50 R20. Finding the right tyre size - that's how it works.

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The advantages of premium off-road tyres

Whether you need tyres for an off-road vehicle or the SUV: premium brands generally offer the highest quality. Manufacturers subject their tyres to extensive testing and are at the forefront of technology and development. As tyres are responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the road, the choice of off-road tyres is vital for safety.

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